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3 September Home Maintenance Tasks

September Task List

Help ensure you’ll get the best value when you decide to sell your home by staying on top of maintenance.

Routine home maintenance can be easy to push aside, but it’s much easier to tackle ahead of time than wait until a real issue emerges.

A simple way to stay on top of it is to hit a few tasks a month. Here are 3 to focus on in September:

  • 1.  Clean and Repair Siding
    The summer months can leave siding in need of a good pressure wash. September is a great time to clean it up and inspect any significant issues or repairs needed before winter.

    • Check for rotten or warped areas that need to be fixed.

    • Inspect caulking which can shrink and crack over time.

    • Pressure wash areas that are dirty or mildewed.

  • 2. Check and Prep Basement for Winter
    September is a great time to check off some of the routine maintenance in the basement. Making sure your heaters and sump pump are working efficiently now is much easier to do than potentially running into an issue in the winter months.

    • Look for any changes in the walls or drains.

    • Flush out your hot water heater and remove any residue.

    • Test your sump pump.

    • Declutter the area, especially around sewage drains. Organize what you want to keep and donate what you don’t.

  • 3. Sweep the Chimney

Chilly nights always seem to come in a flash, but the build-up of soot in your chimney is

a very serious issue. Before you light the first fire of the season in your fireplace, make

sure to have your chimney inspected and cleaned. 

  • Now is a great time to call a professional to take care of chimney maintenance, so you’re ready to bundle up next to a cozy fire once the cooler weather is here.

  • BONUS TASK: Service Yard Equipment

Don’t wait until spring to put a little TLC into your lawn equipment. Before you put it away for the winter, change your oil and replace filters, install new blades if necessary, or perform any other maintenance required. It’ll be better for the equipment not to sit all winter long without the proper care and make your life easier in the spring.

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