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3 Things You Must Do Before Selling Your Home

Being in the real estate business since 1989 means we've seen it all, and not much surprises us anymore. From crazy things happening at the last minute, to people changing their minds to stuff just blowing up, literally. So we decided to talk about three important points to consider before you put your house on the market.

Deal with the Emotional Aspect Head On

Factors like how long you've owned your home, a family history of ownership, first home or birth of children, marking the kids' height on a doorway and close knit neighborhood relationships all add to the emotional impact of selling your home.

Make sure you take time to explore all the reasons for wanting to sell. Even if you are relocating to take a new job the emotional side of the sale can sometimes sneak up on you. Discuss the sale with your family and your children because it will have an impact on them as well. Take pictures of each person's favorite aspect of the property like a favorite room, porch or play area in the yard to make a scrapbook as a memento.

Do Your Homework

Don't let any detail turn into an unpleasant surprise once you make the decision to sell. Find out what you owe on the home including loans, taxes and liens. Be sure to research what comparable homes are selling for in the area. Then decide on the bottom line minimum offer that you would be willing to accept. If you are a co-owner be sure to discuss this fully with your co-owner and agree on these details prior to putting the house on the market. You may want to consider having your home inspected to identify and address any repairs that need to be made as well.

Hire a Realtor

Yes, we know it sounds obvious coming from us but the importance of having a Realtor is significant. We serve as your advocate, we market your property, we aid in negotiations with a buyer, we work hard to get the best price for your property and we do so much more to make the process easier for you and your family.

Being a Server vs. Being A Realtor

Terry Spenard-Church

"Write a blog about the similarities and differences between being a server and being a Realtor" she said... "Ok," I said so here goes...

As far back as I can remember I have been a part, in some way, shape or form of the foodservice industry. It has allowed me to live in some pretty cool places; Portland, Maine, Bar Harbor, Maine, and even the fabulous Florida Keys, to name a few. I have never worked in fine dining, nor have I ever had the urge to, but I have worked in a variety of cafes, family restaurants, Asian Cuisine, tourist spots, beautiful resorts and one really cool steakhouse! ;)

There are many jobs to do in each of these places and, frankly in 25+ years, I can't think of a position I didn't hold even if only temporarily. I've baked your bread, fried your fish, tossed your salad, poured your beer, mixed your drinks, escorted you to your seat, taken your order, served you dinner and even washed your dishes! I would consider this as having been a successful and rewarding life choice thus far.

But, then, that little voice enters your head, I suppose when you are approaching a monumental age such as 50, and says "Is there something else?" " Yes," I answered myself as I frequently do. "If I can sell food why can't I sell houses?" For me, it happened exactly in this way - on a certain day and at a certain moment.

So, on that very day I was off to a new career. Having been familiar with Don and Irene for years there was only one place to begin my new adventure. Next stop, Coldwell Banker Plourde Real Estate!

This is where we begin to talk about the differences. True enough that there are servers who literally "study." They study menus, recipes, proper serving technique, food origin, wine origin and any number of things really. Admittedly, I was never one of those servers although I have known many. But, now, my time had come; read, reread, memorize, read, reread, memorize, absorb a little, read, reread... you get my drift. I found it so incredibly difficult at first, and quite overwhelming. My first year has been somewhat speckled with second-guesses and self-doubt. But that little voice, and my mom, kept saying "YOU CAN DO IT!"

Not giving up is the only way that I have come to recognize that there are, indeed, some similarities in my career choices. It's really just all about people. People you work with, people you serve, people you meet and connect with and some that you don't.

I consider myself lucky as at my last job, at that really cool steakhouse, I had connected with many people and considered them my work family. Many of them, I am sure, will remain a part of my life for years to come. So the real courage came in walking away from that very comfortable setting. But, you know... I've been lucky again to be embraced by my new work family. There is so much to learn while embarking on this new career but there is never a shortage of people who are willing to help. I think when I can stand in a hallway and say "Who's up for answering a question?", and four different people respond with "Me!", it's pretty cool. Or when I plunk myself in a chair in someone's office and they push aside their own things to help me problem-solve, I'm in a great place. You see, it's really all about people, the people who support you and help you to better serve others.


  1. Catherine Kessler on

    Love your candid story! :). You are so real to all and your desire to help all your clients and customers shines through all you do! Thank you for caring and always wanting to "serve" your customers so well!