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3 September Home Maintenance Tasks

September Task List


Help ensure you’ll get the best value when you decide to sell your home by staying on top of maintenance.

Routine home maintenance can be easy to push aside, but it’s much easier to tackle ahead of time than wait until a real issue emerges.

A simple way to stay on top of it is to hit a few tasks a month. Here are 3 to focus on in

Interior Paint Colors: Which one would you choose?

Choosing an Interior Paint Color


A doable update that doesn’t break the bank is PAINT. Transform a room from blah and bland to new and updated with a fresh coat of paint.

What paint colors should you choose?

Light, neutral colors will appeal to the majority and also make any room appear bigger and brighter. However, there are certain shades that work best for different [...]

SELLER QUESTION OF THE DAY: What home updates will give me the biggest return?

What Home Updates Will Give Me the Best ROI?


SELLER QUESTION OF THE DAY: What home updates will give me the biggest return?
In a hot market where it seems like houses are flying off the shelves and selling for top dollar, despite condition, some of the more expensive renovations may not give you the best ROI (return on [...]

Quarry Road Trails draw people to Greater Waterville area

Biking on Quarry Road Trails in Maine

By Ellen Wells

When you consider where you would like to raise a family, enjoy a successful career, or retire, what’s important to you? Perhaps it’s good schools? A vibrant downtown? Active arts community? Outdoor recreation opportunities? Well in that case, there’s no better place to call home than the Greater Waterville area - where we have it all!  If you’re an outdoor lover, Quarry Road Trails is a true gem offering an abundance of opportunity for fun and fitness in the heart of Waterville.

5 Things That Could Affect the Value of the Home You're Looking to Buy

5 Things That Could Affect the Value of Your Home

When you're looking to purchase the perfect home, you'll want to consider not just the property but the neighborhood too. A bad home location can change a perfect house into a money-losing nightmare. Crime, construction and environmental changes can all have an impact on the future value of your dream home. Here are the top five things to consider when shopping for a new house.