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Heather Leclair: The Glue That Holds Coldwell Banker Plourde Real Estate Together

Heather's story starts the same way all good stories do:

Once upon a time...

in the city of Waterville, a very young Heather Leclair was a new tenant in an apartment building owned by Don and Irene Plourde. She was working dutifully in the cafeteria at Thomas College, dreaming of better jobs to come.

Every month, Heather would show up at the Coldwell Banker Plourde Real Estate office, with her rent check in hand, and ask Don and Irene, "Do you have a job for me?" For the longest time, they had nothing to offer her. But persistence pays off, and one day so did hers: Don and Irene decided to take a chance on a girl who didn't know how to type, or very much about real estate or even business in general.

Eighteen years later, Don and Irene will tell you that decision to hire Heather was the best decision they ever made! Heather not only proved she can type, but she manages the office and is responsible for everything from answering phones and greeting clients to inputting data and managing advertising. Heather's co-workers describe her as "THE all-around go-to-girl for EVERYTHING" and "the best administrative assistant in central Maine and the glue that holds us all together."

When Heather isn't busy keeping the Coldwell Banker Plourde office humming like a well-tuned machine, she enjoys camping with her family, decorating her home, and watching her kids play sports. Always looking for a new challenge, her family has just welcomed a new lab puppy named Toby.

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Central Maine Real Estate Professionals Receive Recognition

Central Maine Real Estate Professionals

Coldwell Banker Plourde Real Estate recently held our annual awards event, where we recognized our Central Maine Real Estate Professionals for their dedication and customer service over the past year. On average our real estate professionals serve about 400 customers per year. That’s a lot of homes, and our real estate professionals are there every step of the way, going above and beyond to help you buy or sell your property. Whether it’s shoveling out signs, researching code enforcement, or helping your home look picture-perfect before a showing, Coldwell Banker Plourde’s family of real estate professionals provide top-notch customer service. And our annual awards breakfast is when we get to show our appreciation for their efforts throughout the year.

The Annual Coldwell Banker Plourde Real Estate Awards Breakfast

For more than eighteen years, Don and Irene Plourde, co-owners of Coldwell Banker Plourde Real Estate, have held our company awards event to recognize real estate professionals who made extraordinary efforts and provided exemplary customer service over the past year. The awards were held at the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce building in Waterville, and was catered by Eric’s Restaurant. In attendance were Don and Irene Plourde and our twenty-five year, superstar Central Maine Real Estate Professionals.

20 Years of Service

Beth Satow, a real estate professional since 1995, was recognized for being with the company for twenty years. 

Diamond Society

Kim Hawkes, Lisa MacKenzie, Betty Natole Mills and Pam Natole all received the Diamond Society award. This award is for real estate professionals who performed 30+ transaction sides (a transaction side means that they completed a real estate negotiation as either the buying agent or selling agent) during the year.

President’s Circle

The President’s Circle Award is reserved for real estate professionals who performed 35+ transaction sides in the year. Rachel Anderson and Steve Roy were awarded this honor.

Broker of the Year 

Steve Roy took home Broker of the Year, with 47 transaction sides and over six-million dollars in sales.

Most Improved in Sales

Lisa McKenzie

Rookie of the Year

Terry Spenard-Church

Team Player of the Year

Terry Spenard-Church

Congratulations everyone! We at Coldwell Banker Plourde Real Estate are very proud of our team of Central Maine Real Estate Professionals and look forward to a busy and successful 2015. 

Become a real estate professional for Coldwell Banker Plourde Real Estate and you could be part of next year’s awards! Contact us today. We are always looking to add to the success of our team!