Welcome to Central Maine


Selling your home in today's challenging Maine real estate market is different than it was yesterday and even just a year ago. With the inventory of homes on the market, your home needs to stand out from the crowd in order to sell quickly. Selecting a Real Estate Agent who is knowledgeable of the area and provides an effective marketing strategy is crucial.

Our Agents are here to help you get the most for your home, no matter what the market condition. The real estate process can be very complicated and time consuming, so let us assist with all your selling needs.

  • Contract Expertise - Understanding real estate contracts requires a significant amount of training and experience.  A single mistake by a homeowner trying to sell their home by owner can be a significant financial liability.
  • Advanced Marketing - Did you know that over 80% of buyers use the internet for their home search? How will your home get maximum exposure and be distinctive on the right real estate websites? Our Agents have the best tools and resources in the market.
  • Fair Market Valuation - What is your home really worth and how does that change as the market changes?  Determining detailed market value requires the compilation of a significant amount of data plus local market expertise.
  • Real Estate Negotiation Skills - Advanced negotiation skills are great asset. Combining advanced negotiation skills with detailed facts and specific real estate expertise achieve the maximum result.
  • Client Services - How much is your time worth?  The process of selling a property takes much more time than most consumers realize.  As the real estate market continues to evolve, it is getting increasingly complicated, time-consuming and costly to market and sell properties.

Contact us for more information and if you have questions about selling real estate in Central Maine.