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7 Reasons to get a home inspection

7 Reasons to Get a Home Inspection

7 Reasons to get a home inspection

  • 1. SAFETY - A home inspection will provide information on mold, asbestos, and carbon monoxide. All of which are important to know for your health and the health of your family. 

  • 2. PROTECTION - An inspection will reveal any additions or changes to a property done without a proper permit. Illegal changes will impact insurance, value, and more. 

  • 3. NEGOTIATING - It provides an opportunity to ask for repairs or price reduction. 

  • 4. PLANNING - A home is a considerable investment. Knowing the immediate expenses and potential future costs based on what upgrades or replacements are needed can help you plan ahead and also help you ensure you’re not getting over your head.

  • 5. IT GIVES YOU AN OUT - If you’re not comfortable with what’s found in the inspection due to safety, immediate and future expenses of the property, or anything else, you can back out. 

  • 6. INSURANCE - Many insurance companies need to see a home inspection and will not insure if certain conditions are found.

  • 7. BIG PICTURE - Home inspections give you the big picture to help ensure that your dream home won’t actually be a nightmare. You wouldn’t buy a vehicle without knowing if it ran, just because you liked the way it looked. Don’t buy a home because you like the layout and color of the walls without knowing the potential issues. 

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